Your Choice for Voice!®

Voxter®, Voxter®-Scan and BlueMaster®

The topVOX voice clients and headsets are tested and proven to meet extremely high standards. Voxter® PDA’s stand up to durability, comfort and quality of voice recognition challenges in any environment.

Voxter Elite Edition  

Voxter® Elite Edition

Voxter® Elite Edition is setting new standards for mobile voice computers. The Voxter® Elite Edition is compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Voxter Scan Elite Edition  

Voxter® Scan Elite Edition

The Voxter® Scan is a robust Bluetooth backhand scanner which can be easily integrated into existing wireless applications. It complements the voice application Lydia® with barcode scanning, resulting in even more accurate and reliable data capture.
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BlueMaster<sup>®</sup> Wireless Headset  

Lydia® BlueMaster® 

The BlueMaster® wireless headset can be combined with a wide choice of voice terminals. Any voice-compatible PDA without a headset socket such as fork-lift terminals or devices that have ‘less than robust’ headset connections can now be used with Lydia®.
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