Your Choice for Voice!®

Your Choice for Voice!

Voxter® Elite Edition – New dimension for mobile voice computers

Voxter® Elite Edition sets new standards for mobile voice computers. It is smaller, more robust and more efficient than the first-generation of mobile computers and the perfect partner for all voice-operated processes in logistics, production and maintenance. Voxter® Elite Edition is not only compact, but easy to wear. With its robust housing, it guarantees prompt and reliable voice recognition in almost any working environment, even under extreme conditions.

Intuitive voice operation

Voxter® Elite Edition was developed especially for mobile voice data entry and is completely operable by voice alone. Apart from switching it on and off, all service instructions are integrated in the Lydia® voice software system.

Starting with the voice login, all service functions within the application can be controlled by voice such as, volume, speed or muting the microphone. Voxter® Elite Edition can be operated intuitively without the user actually having to handle it. This is a great advantage especially when working in frozen or refrigerated environments, or anytime when gloves have to be worn.