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Pick by Voice at South Shore  

South Shore Furniture

South Shore Furniture is one leading manufactures in North America. To make picking easier and more productive, South Shore turned to the Lydia voice system from Top-Vox to direct order selection.

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Voice Picking at KPM Exceptional  

KPM Exceptional LLC

KPM Exceptional LLC is a wholesale distribution company of commercial and consumer outdoor power equipment, located in Kenvil, NJ. The distributor counts on the plug&play voice solution of topVOX.

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Voice Picking at Cooper Booth Wholesale  

Cooper Booth Wholesale

Cooper Booth Wholesale is a full-line distributor based in Mountville, PA. They deliver to convenient store chains, independent operators, grocery stores, tobacco outlets, and universities in 7 states as well as DC.

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Check by Voice  

Check by Voice

Not just for picking! In Switzerland, the topVOX voice directed system is used for automobile inspection by mechanics.

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Voice picking at Thomas&Betts  

Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts is a leading manufacturer of electronic, mechanical and utility products. See voice in action at the T&B distribution center.

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Voice picking at Bepensa  


Bepensa, the leading producer and distributor of Coca Cola beverages in the southeast region of Mexico, has been in the business for over sixty years and is constantly looking for improvement in its supply chain process.

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Voice Picking and rapid returs  

Rapid Returns with Voice

Interview with Larry Landtiser, G.M. Strategic Customer Operations from ODW Logistics Inc.

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