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Nebelung counts on order picking with Lydia® Voice and Voxter®

Voice Picking at Nebelung

As a supplier to garden specialist retailers and landscape designers, Nebelung encounters peak business activity twice a year. In spring and in autumn, up to 40 employees pick around 85,000 orders per week, including seeds and flower bulbs from brands such as Kiepenkerl and Sperli.

Using Lydia® Voice, employees receive information concerning which storage location they have to go to, as well as which and how many items they have to collect there. They carry the mobile voice computer Voxter®, which sits ergonomically and comfortably on a belt, leaving their hands free to pick the items.

When the order pickers reach the storage location, they first confirm the shelf and then the removal of the item by reading out the verification number and the number of items being removed. "The double inspection process ensures that incorrect picking is more or less impossible. This saves time and therefore costs," explains Torsten Isenhardt, project manager at topsystem.


Auto-check with Lydia®

In addition to the seasonally high demand, the challenge Nebelung faces in the order picking warehouse is to pick the individual types of seed on different load carriers, such as stands, pallets or in boxes. By using the pick-by-voice solution, employees benefit from an inspection function and guidance in the process sequence.

For example, when picking flower seed packets on a stand, Lydia® Voice reveals the location of the packets on a pin – incorrectly picked items or an invalid pick quantity are directly reported to the employee. He or she is thus immediately able to correct this step without delaying the overall process. As a result, Nebelung maintains an overview of the individual procedural steps and processes in the storage warehouse via the voice guidance system, which in turn helps to increase efficiency there.


During peak season in spring and autumn, the demand for seeds at Nebelung was so great that it did not own enough Voxter® computers to provide all employees and temporary staff with a voice-client. In such instances, topVOX offers additional mobile voice computers as part of a rental scheme. Temporary staff hired according to demand are also effortlessly able to work with Lydia® Voice. As the software works in a speaker-independent and intuitive fashion, there is no need for long periods of training or time spent getting used to the product.

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