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Lydia Smart Watch increases efficiency in the warehouse!

Lydia<sup>®</sup> Smart Watch

The Lydia® Voice & Vision combo provides many advantages, such as maximum process safety and improved ergonomics. Speech directed instructions are provided through the mobile Voxter device using either a headset or the Lydia® VoiceWear® – a breathable, comfortable vest with integrated speaker and microphones. The vest ensures maximum freedom of movement so users can effortlessly focus on the job at hand. 

The added plus of displaying pictures of the articles on the Smart Watch clearly results in a high reduction of picking errors! This technology will be especially beneficial for those logistics providers that handle a wide variety of products with many of the same SKUs in different versions. 

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This watch does significantly more than just providing visual support for Picking by Voice and has many additional functions. For example, all order information and current pick positions can be instantly retrieved. Many orders require non-standard processes, such as Value Added Services. A vibration notification e.g. can be used as a signal for the picker to make such changes to an order. The Smart Watch can be operated either by voice or touch screen.

For easy and direct communication between the warehouse employees the Telephony function of the Lydia® Voice Suite can be installed as an add-on as well.

Using this feature on the Watch can reduce or eliminate many hours spent on walking through the warehouse. Compatible watches for use with Voice are all Smart Watch models whose performance and comfort have been proven and tested. 

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