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KPM changes its fulfillment "landscape" with voice

Though the outdoor power equipment it sells is state of the art, small distributor KPM was making do with manual processes in its own operations. Then it discovered an affordable voice solution.

Who says you have to be a big company to pick orders with voice technology?

Even small companies can now take advantage of the benefits (think higher productivity, better accuracy, and hands-free picking) that voice provides. KPM Exceptional is one company that has learned this first hand.

Founded in 1955, KPM is a wholesale distributor of outdoor power equipment for professional landscapers. Its customers include hundreds of independent dealers located throughout the Northeast.

The company currently serves those customers out of two distribution facilities in Kenvil, N.J. One of the buildings stores equipment and accessories (such as lawn tractors, mowers, leaf blowers, snowplows, and heaters), while a smaller facility nearby holds about 11,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) of service and replacement parts. This summer, the company will move into a new 100,000-square-foot building that's now under construction. The facility will house KPM's corporate offices as well as a warehouse that will handle both the equipment and the replacement/service parts.

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