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Lydia® VoiceWear: Premiere at ProMat

Pick by Voice – no headset required

March 2015. With topVOX’s Lydia® VoiceWear, the voice-controlled processes in logistics are even quicker and easier than before.  All voice components of the Lydia VoiceWear solution are integrated into the innovative wearable system so that the warehouse employees have maximum mobility while working.

At this year’s ProMat VoiceWear celebrated a highly regarded premiere. From February 23rd – 26th at the Exhibition Centre McCormick Place in Chicago, exhibitors from all around the globe got together with decision makers from industry, trade and the service industry. This year the exhibition had more than 37,000 trade visitors from all over the world. 

Lydia® VoiceWear is a new portable wearable system for Pick by Voice pickers using integrated loudspeakers and microphone. All technical components for the voice-activated picking are included in the wearable system, and are ideally protected from environmental impacts. With VoiceWear, cables that have to be carried on your body and permanent radio pollution are now, thanks to Bluetooth, a thing of the past.

The trade fair visitors were very impressed with the ergonomic comfort for all workers and its low weight. Everyone was also impressed with the microphone performance – despite not talking directly into the microphone, as with a normal headset, voice recognition is very reliable, even in a loud environment. The vest buckle makes it easy to put on and take off the VoiceWear. All technical components can be disconnected to clean Lydia® VoiceWear.

 “The trade fair visitors were really interested in our new portable system. We are convinced that we’ll soon see Lydia® VoiceWear in service at our customers’,” said Andreas Finken, CEO of topVOX.

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