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Pick by Voice!

Pick by Voice – The Technology of the Future

The development of voice recognition systems is the technological progression of picking optimization in warehouse environments. The objective is to implement new technologies in the supply chain making, picking processes more effective and productive.

Pick by Voice technology completely replaces outdated paper-based picking. Furthermore, Pick by Voice is can also be used as a single multi-modal application, combining voice recognition with scanning or RFID when and where required.

Increasing Workflow Productivity

Pick by Voice offers the decisive advantage of significantly reducing the steps required for the picking process. The warehouse associate receives his/her orders via headset and confirms his/her actions verbally into the headset microphone. Time gains are achieved by making the handling of paper lists or operating mobile barcode readers redundant. Picking accuracy is increased because the associate is able to focus on the picking task. Hands free/ eyes free operations guarantee maximum productivity in the distribution center.

Standard system components

The communication with the speech system is established using  a small mobile computer which the associate wears on their belt. Standard PDA’s and devices specially designed for the rough warehouse environments, such as the Voxter® hardware, may be used.   topVOX offers a wide range of headsets, including the wireless bluetooth  BlueMaster, that meets the demands of all operating environments.

Pick by Voice can be easily integrated into existing WMS or ERP systems via a common data base or file interfaces. This  allows the simple integration of speech-based applications as a new module into existing logistics systems without middleware.

Pick by Voice significantly increases quality and productivity, leading to remarkable savings and an ROI realized in less than a year.