Your Choice for Voice!®


Client-based speech system

The Lydia® voice solution has the unique advantage of being hardware independent. Lydia® runs on many standard computers with Windows Mobile or Windows CE, even when using different PDA devices in the same application. This advantage has been successfully installed at many customers’ sites.  Over 50 devices from various manufacturers have been approved for use with Lydia®.

As a speech-based system, Lydia® frees the user from unnecessary work steps, e.g. the handling of picking lists or barcode scanners. The written instructions on paper or screen are replaced by spoken work directions via the headset. The normal data input is not done by keyboard or scanner, but by an integrated microphone receiving the user’s spoken words. Increased picking accuracy and productivity through hands-free/eyes-free operations allow associates to work with increased job focus.

The Lydia® system is based on the most up-to-date voice recognition technology and does not require individual voice templates for each user.  Any speaker, regardless of dialect or accent, can be recognized immediately without prior speech training.  With Lydia®, it is also possible to have multiple languages in use within the same application!

All this improves the supply chain process, allowing your associates to be productive within minutes of using Lydia®.

Easy integration into existing logistic systems

Lydia® can easily be added to existing WMS or ERP systems without middleware. Integration of the Lydia® speech-based application as a new module into the existing logistic systems is problem free.

Advantages of the client-based speech system

The Lydia® client-based speech system captures all voice input and incorporates these data into the portable PDA. Lydia® supports speech-based operations even in areas not fully Wi-Fi covered. This allows complete yard management and supply chain control even in remote areas of your distribution center.