Your Choice for Voice!®

Direct SAP Integration

The Lydia® SAP Connector 4.6 onwards supports direct integration of the voice recognition system, Lydia®, into SAP without middleware.

Globally unique, the 100% on-line integration results in even higher efficiency in managing and performing logistics tasks with a maximum increase in overall warehouse performance.

The complete application logic remains within the SAP system.  All standard processes, such as receiving, picking, replenishment, printing labels, inventory etc. are handled as usual.  In addition, SAP users have the option to adapt or extend existing voice dialogues directly in SAP.

Another advantage is the multimodal application which combines voice recognition with scanning or RFID. Warehouse associates are able to receive their work instructions via voice output on the headset, as well as by optional display.  Each step in the process is confirmed via voice input.  Should a different form of input - other than voice - be required, Lydia® SAP Connector also supports barcode scanning, RFID and manual keyboard entry.