Your Choice for Voice!®

Check by Voice® – Easy, Fast and Ergonomic

Modern maintenance strategies require forward-thinking, long-term planning, exact cost control and efficient performance of all service and maintenance tasks.  Complete, error free documentation and transmission of the captured data to the host maintenance management system have become standard requirements in the supply chain.  

Real-time process documentation such as the handling of paper lists, clip boards or data keying on display terminals can often be cumbersome, error-prone and inappropriate. With Lydia® Maintenance, operators can perform all their documentation hands-free by voice recognition as they go about their normal work processes.

To use Lydia® Maintenance, associates only require a headset and portable voice client computer that can be comfortably attached to a belt. All information about the maintenance object and required actions are announced by the Lydia® system and can be immediately confirmed by the user’s voice input.  

Associates have their eyes and hands free at all times to perform their tasks.  They can move around more quickly and productively, increasing their work efficiency, quality and accuracy.