Your Choice for Voice!®

Your Choice for Voice!

Lydia® BlueMaster® For Wireless Voice Recognition

With Lydia® BlueMaster®, the familiar cable between headset and voice device has become outdated and obsolete. The benefits of a wireless headset are obvious: cables to the headset are no longer needed, which reduces the potential for accidents and makes for a safer and more ergonomic work environment for the user. No more tangled cords or the risk that cables are getting caught.

The very high quality of voice recognition that topVOX is renowned for is, of course, still maintained. The BlueMaster® headset has audio broadband transmission, which makes it an excellent fit for the speaker-independent recognition system Lydia® from topVOX. In addition, the integration with the NoiseMaster from topVOX ensures that background noises are suppressed to avoid interruptions during voice-directed workflow. The innovative NoiseMaster noise filter eliminates dynamic noises above 94dB.